brooklyn half

Brooklyn Half Marathon



About 1 week left until the Brooklyn Half Marathon and whether it is your 1st or 7th attempt the work has been put in. For better or worse you will toe the starting line at 7am and give it your best.


A couple tips to take into account right now…

  1. Practice your hydration – if you need a specific drink, BRING IT, don’t trust the courses Gatorade on your delicate stomach
  2. Practice your morning nutrition – make sure you do a couple practice runs on the nutrition you plan on having on race day morning
  3. Practice your race nutrition – make sure you try a couple of those Science in Sport Gels ;-), or whatever you use, to confirm that your stomach can handle the fuel





What is your race plan? Let’s Keep It Simple Superstar…


The first 10k or so in the park is beautiful and the cheer squads are out in full force, this tends to get people out of their paces and into something unsustainable for the long haul. Races are rarely won in the beginning but are frequently lost.


Know your goal race pace, the one your trained for (or didn’t train for… its okay the next race is around the corner) and whether you need a wristband to keep track or can do it in your head it is important to plan it out.


Scenario 1: You go out at 7:45min/mile pace but your goal is 8:00min/mile pace…

Your first instinct is to say “I feel great, let’s see if I can maintain this pace.” Nope, hold your horses and get back to 8:00min/mile pace. Re-assess later in race (miles 7+) to see if you have the fitness to increase pace. Note: if you decide that 8:00min/mile pace is good through the finish line you just raced 15seconds faster than your goal…


Scenario 2: You go out at 8:15min/mile pace but your goal is 8:00min/mile pace…

Your first instinct is to say “Crap! Now I need to run a 7:45min mile for mile 2 to make up.” Nope, speed up bit to get you back to your 8:00min/mile pace and get that groove back. Re-assess later in the race (mile 7+) to see when you can bring the pace slightly faster than 8:00min/mile pace. Note: 15seconds over 6 miles is 7:57min/mile pace, you have plenty of time to make up time…








The best way to attack this, most likely, will be to gauge your inner RPE. RATE of PERCIEVED EXERETION.  This is a scale on 1-5 where 1 is like your warmup and 5 is going to be that last mile you just ran to set that PR, congrats…


Miles 1-7 should be like a 3/5 -  challenging but you know you could dominate a mile or two if you needed to (you do not need to at this moment though)


Miles 7-10 should be like a 4/5 -  obviously you have run at least a 10k already but you have at least a 5k to go. So, you should have another gear left here or trouble is a brewing. It is flat, downhill, and open; again, don’t let your pace trend down (or too far down) yet.


Miles 10-13.1 should build to a 5/5 – at the 10 mile mark you have a choice, continue at current pace and hit the PR or if the body still feels like a 4/5 you can take off a couple seconds and shoot for that bigger PR. The choice is yours, just make that choice then continuing to monitor your perceived output for the rest of the race.


Now enjoy those fans cheering you on as you cruise down the boardwalk leading you to finish the race that you started.