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Why are you running tomorrow? Whether you are in the midst of marathon training or have a 5k coming up soon it is important to know why you are running and what you are looking to get out of each run.

“An Investment In Knowledge Pays the Best Interest”

  • Ben Franklin

What are your goals for each run you are doing…?

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Hills
  • Tempo
  • Long
  • Easy (Recovery)

To know the WHY behind each run is going to allow you to fully buy in and commit to each part of your program...

  • Speed: at 8:00m/mile pace or faster, can’t get under… run shorter distances ;) put some work in
  • Strength: more volume then speed, faster than tempo pace but should be able to maintain an easy jog between each effort
  • Hills: They are in your race so they need to be in your runs
  • Tempo: ½ marathon or marathon pace usually, practice, practice, practice (shouldn’t be challenging)
  • Long Runs: 2-3hr max, %25 of your weekly volume, based of off cumulative (weekly) fatigue
  • Easy (Recovery): the most important part of your marathon (or any) training, builds your base and may be upto %50 of your total miles (yes %50) DO NOT SKIP THESE

These are just the beginning outlines as you build up your program for your next race. Even if you do not “program” and just run races whenever it is still important to have a why behind each run.

Stay tuned for the next posts which will dive into each run and give you more of a feel of how to plan ahead.

Andy Wegman MS, ATC